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Online Catalogue |  Nebulisers and Accessories

Nebulisers and Accessories

Mains Operated Nebulisers

Mains Operated Nebulisers

A selection of the most popular mains operated nebulisers from the most respected manufacturers.

Prices from 49.99

Fully Portable "Travel" Nebulisers

Fully Portable

A selection of trusted and reliable fully portable nebulisers that can run from the mains, integral rechargeable battery, or car DC socket.

Prices From 99.99

Nebuliser Accessories

Nebuliser Accessories

Some information we hope you will find useful

A Nebulizer is a device used to administer a group of prescription drugs required by patients with medium to severe respiratory illness. These drugs need to be inhaled deep into the lungs and the use of these machines is the only practical way this can be achieved.

The drugs (bronchodilators, corticosteroids and antibiotics) are supplied in liquid form and the job of the Nebuliser is to turn them into a fine mist that can be inhaled.

There are two basic types:


The most common type operates by forcing compressed air through a tiny hole, about the size of a pin prick, built into the centre of a small chamber into which a measured amount of the liquid drug is placed. The action of the air escaping through the hole causes the drug to vaporise into a very fine mist. Under slight pressure this mist escapes from the chamber through a mouthpiece or face mask to then be inhaled by the patient. Although we tend to refer to the whole device as being the Nebulizer, it is technically the drug chamber itself, while the body of the machine is the compressor and they are connected together by an airline.

Compressor based machines are generally reliable. They all produce a level of noise although some are noisier than others.

Here in the UK we have a good choice of manufacturers, Philips Respironics, Clement Clarke, Flaem Nouva and DeVilbiss being the manufacturers most frequently favoured and trusted by our NHS hospitals and Clinics. We have chosen to offer our customers the most popular units from the ranges of these top manufacturers.


The alternative to using a compressed air machine is one that uses Ultrasound to dispense the drug. Whilst there are various designs the principle used is the same. These machines work by vibrating the liquid drug at such a high frequency that it turns into a fine mist. A good quality Ultrasonic machine will produce a mist with particles smaller than any compressor type can match. In addition they typically dispense the drug quicker and they make very little noise if any at all. On this basis these machines appear to be better and quicker than any compressor based alternative. However whilst the Compressor versions are generally very reliable many of the cheap Ultrasonic versions are notoriously unreliable. The Clever along with the Medix and Omron (which incidentally are identical) Ultrasonic machines the exception and can be trusted both for reliability and performance

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